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Out now: Apoxia EP

+++ February 1st, 2016 +++

The first The New Colossus-CD has been released! Order yours now: Click for Pre-order

The last big TNC party in 2015!

+++ July 29th, 2015 +++

Come and enjoy our last show before our drummer Fabian leaves us for a few months to study abroad.

First EP - Part 3

+++ July 18th, 2015 +++

Jakob had to finish his guitar work and Martin accompanied him for a guitar-only recording session!

First EP - Part 2

+++ July 5th, 2015 +++

Or: The only reasonable way to spend the hottest day of the year so far… Starring: Jakob on guitar and Philipp on bass.

First EP - Part 1

+++ June 19th, 2015 +++

Yes, you got that right: Our first EP is about to be released. According to custom, our curlheaded drummer had to record the first tracks. Read about some musical misunderstandings, a great day in the studio and how long it took him to get it right.

New band, new sound, new gigs

+++ May 1st, 2015 +++

The New Colossus – A new band is rising from the depths of creativity and following the sound of freedom.